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[WV73544] WHITESVILLE 2-Pack T-Shirt

[WV73544] WHITESVILLE 2-Pack T-Shirt

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[WV73544] WHITESVILLE 2-Pack T-Shirt
Two-pack pack of T-shirts made of soft and comfortable jersey fabric knitted with 20 count combed yarn. The body is made of a round body and the collar is made of rib knitted with 30 count yarn. The ribs sandwich the body fabric, and the jersey fabric knitted with 30 count yarn is taped and sewn at the same time, creating a double binder neck design. This gives the neck area a more robust finish than a regular T-shirt. Shoulders, hem, and cuffs are sewn with two stitches. This two-pack T-shirt can be worn year-round and has become a long-selling product in Whitesville.
size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
S Around 40.0cm Around 47.0cm  Around 65.0cm Around 19.0cm
M Around 43.0cm Around 48.0cm  Around 67.0cm Around 20.0cm
L Around 46.0cm  Around 52.0cm Around 69.0cm Around 21.0cm
XL Around 49.0cm Around 55.0cm Around 71.5cm Around 21.5cm
XXL Around 51.0cm Around 59.0cm Around 73.0cm Around 22.5cm
Due to the characteristics of the material and the method of finishing, there may be slight individual differences in the dimensions of various parts of the product.
Also, depending on the setting or environment of your terminal, the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color.
Please understand this in advance.
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Klaxon offers a wide selection of high-quality products, including its own three brands:

  • The Strike Gold: A brand that pursues the true appeal of denim, from the materials used to the construction.

  • TENRYO DENIM: A brand that combines traditional Kojima techniques with a modern sensibility that pursues "True New Classics"

  • MUSASHI JEANS: A brand that offers high quality and value for money.

It was founded in 2002, and the founder of Klaxon; who has been a fan of American casual wear since he was a child, has been carefully selecting products that he can confidently recommend to customers, based on his knowledge and experience of American casual wear.

Klaxon's products are perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish and fashionable.
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