Introducing the Extra Hard Series, the ultimate heavyweight champion of denim. Crafted with meticulous artisanal techniques, the Extra Hard Series pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship to deliver unparalleled strength and durability denim. Experience the legendary status of the Extra Hard Series, the last boss of heavyweight denim.

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24.8oz Extra Hard Selvedge Denim

Introducing our Extra-Hard Denim: a 24.8oz selvedge crafted on an old shuttle loom with thick 2nd and 3rd-count yarns, woven densely. It goes beyond heavyweight, embracing extreme hardness.
For denim enthusiasts, wearing this Heavy Ounce Denim is a gratifying challenge. Mold it to your body, creating personalized jeans that bring a sense of accomplishment. The pursuit of hardness adds depth to the experience.

The Extra-Hard Denim showcases deep-dyed warp yarns, emphasizing contrasting shades for visual impact. Unleash the potential of our Extra-Hard Denim—weight and hardness combined—for unique aging and individual expression. Craft your jeans, building a remarkable bond with this extraordinary fabric.
Please note, the 24.8oz measurement reflects non-washed, unsanforized fabric per square yard. Expect variations after washing.

The Strike Gold Pursuit of "The Aging of Worn-in Jeans" via Craftsmanship

The Strike Gold specializes in jeans designed with the "Aging of Worn Jeans" as our guiding principle.

To achieve the ultimate aging effect, we've created our own original denim fabric, a product born out of relentless attention to the aging process. This top-quality denim isn't just a material; it's an outcome of our ongoing devotion. Beyond the fabric, we are equally committed to the sewing methods that turn this exceptional textile into your future go-to pair of jeans.

The worn edges of the pockets, the nuanced fading around the belt loops, the abrasions on the fly, and the whiskering along the outer and inner seams all contribute to a rich aging process. Coupled with our premium denim fabric, these elements come together to create a dimensional look with a strong presence and abundant texture.

Even the most meticulously crafted denim fabric won't achieve the aging The Strike Gold envisions if the jeans are simply sewn together using a standard or vintage specification. To bring our aging vision to life, we scrutinize each seam, considering machine needle speed, thread thickness, tension, seam width, seam position, fabric fold width, fold position, and even the subtle details like how the thread sinks into or billows over the fabric. Many of these nuances can't be captured in a written sewing specification. They require face-to-face interactions with artisans, aligning our vision to bring the concept to fruition.

It is this meticulous approach in creating jeans and the love from the wearers that creates the sublime aging we strive for.

The Strike Gold's Line-ups
  • By Denim Fabric

    In The Strike Gold's classic models, we offer a lineup of 8 types of original denim fabrics. You can choose from various types of fabrics that differ in texture, feel, fit, skin comfort, and color fading.

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  • Fit & Style

    In The Strike Gold's jeans, we offer five unique silhouettes, carefully designed to make a significant impact on your first impression. Starting with a fit that molds to your body, the material and design further adapt to you over time as you continue to wear them.

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