Toyo Enterprise Co., Ltd., a Japanese apparel manufacturer founded in 1965, Tokyo's Toyo Enterprise, evolving from 1940s' Port Merchant, specializing in vintage and American casual styles. Known for its high-quality material selection and unique designs, often incorporating traditional Japanese techniques into its products.

Toyo Enterprise Story

Toyo Enterprise manages several brands, each with its unique theme and style, including SUGAR CANE, BUZZ RICKSON'S, TAILOR TOYO, SUN SURF, WHITESVILLE, and STYLE EYES. These brands offer a wide range of products to meet diverse needs, such as military wear, Hawaiian wear, and vintage wear, positioning Toyo Enterprise as a significant player in Japan's apparel industry and making its presence felt in the international fashion market.

What We Love About Toyo Enterprise



WHITESVILLE specializes in American casual wear, particularly vintage sports and athletic wear. The brand aims to revive the designs of American sportswear from the 1940s and 1950s, with high-quality products that have earned acclaim from fashion lovers.



STYLE EYES offers men's casual wear centered around the 1950s American vintage style. The brand features items inspired by the fashion and culture of 1950s America, catering to those with a retro yet modern fashion sense.