The Strike Gold's classic models offer a wide range of eight original denim fabrics. You can choose from a variety of fabric types that are completely different in terms of appearance, texture, fit, comfort, and fading.

Keep Earth Series SG01XXKE

100% Natural Indigo Rope-Dyed Organic 17oz Selvedge Denim

Our flagship model features an environmentally c.onscious denim fabric meticulously developed using 100% organic cotton yarn blended with recycled cotton. With a rope-dyed process using 100% natural indigo, this denim fabric is enviromental friendly and a sustainable choice.

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Tough Series SG21XX

Right-Hand Twill High-Density 17oz Selvedge Denim

A type of denim fabric that is made with indigo warp thread and beige weft thread. It is woven on a vintage shuttle loom with a high number of shots per square inch, which gives the fabric a heavy weight and a unique texture. The beige weft thread that is visible on the surface of the denim fabric gives the indigo warp thread a unique look, and the fabric can be enjoyed for its rough aging with a contrast of shades over time. This denim fabric is reminiscent of the workwear of the era when people worked hard to climb the ladder.

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Cool Series SG31XX

Left-Hand Twill High-Density 17 oz Selvedge Denim

We use the most intense indigo rope-dyed yarn for the warp and contrasting gray yarn for the weft so that the left-hand twill fabric showcases deep shades of blue and high-density construction. The sharp vertical fading resulting from the distinctive lines formed by this fabric truly embodies its essence.

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Classic Series SG51XX

Right-Hand Twill 15 oz Horizontal Grey Slub Selvedge Denim

This series offers a type of denim fabric that is made with gray slub yarn for the weft thread and indigo warp thread. It is carefully woven to create a unique uneven texture, and the indigo warp thread and the gray weft thread create a characteristic deep blue color. The vertical drop created by small grid-like gatherings due to wear and tear resembles the good old vintage.

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Classic Series- Double Indigo SG50XXID

Right-Hand Twill 15 oz Indigo Double-Face Slub Selvedge Denim

Say hello to an upgraded version of our Classic Series! This series offers a type of denim fabric that is made with indigo warp thread and indigo weft thread. It is carefully woven to create a unique uneven texture, and the indigo warp thread and the indigo weft thread create a characteristic deep indigo color.

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Super Slubby Series SG71XX

Right-Hand Twill 17 oz Horizontal Super Slub Selvedge Denim

We crafted this fabric using the most intensely indigo-dyed rope-dyed yarn for the warp and a distinctive, heavily textured slub yarn for the weft. This denim fabric is woven on traditional shuttle looms to create an ultimate slubby selvedge denim.

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Shower Slubby Series SG81XX

Right-Hand Twill 16 oz Shower Slub Selvedge Denim

By applying rope dyeing with varying concentrations to the slub yarn used for the warp on antique shuttle looms and using slub yarn for the weft, this fabric also creates a unique flow of fading lines reminiscent of a shower. Over time, you can anticipate

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Extra Hard Series SG99XX

Right-hand twill 24.8oz Extra Hard Selvedge Denim

Weaving together thick 2nd and 3rd yarns at the highest density on traditional shuttle looms, we have created the ultimate heavyweight denim, the Extra Hard Denim. Designed for denim enthusiasts who find joy in wearing and shaping their jeans, this denim goes beyond being heavy—it is also known for its incredible stiffness. By pushing the boundaries of weight and hardness, wearers can experience a heightened sense of accomplishment as they break into the denim to their personal preferences. The warp threads are dyed to the deepest shade, enhancing the contrast and adding to the visual impact.

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