At The Strike Gold, our jeans are crafted with a singular theme in mind: the noble art of denim aging as it's worn in.

In our quest for the ultimate aged appearance, we've created an original denim fabric that is the culmination of an obsessive dedication to aging. This passion is not just woven into the fabric but is also stitched into every step of our jeans' construction.

The aging process envisioned by The Strike Gold is a symphony of our uncompromising denim material, superior sewing techniques, and meticulous attention to detail in every component. Each step is a fusion of expertise that brings our vision to life.

Experience the rich texture and commanding presence of our denim through the distinct aging of various parts: the frayed edges of pockets, the nuanced fades around belt loops, the whiskering along the fly, the puckering of seams, and the characteristic twist at the hem. The aging of each detail melds with our premium denim to create a three-dimensional, vividly textured, and beautifully aged garment that stands out in any collection.

Discover the "TSG Spec" for Ultimate Aging!

Every pair of The Strike Gold jeans shares a suite of signature details, meticulously curated to craft the ideal aging experience. Dive into the features that set our denim apart!

  • Deer Leather Patch

    The leather patch is made of soft, smooth deerskin and is embossed with the brand's red logo.

  • The Red Brand Tab

    Our rayon brand tab are woven with The Strike Gold name and designed to shrink and twist with each wash, enhancing the vintage vibe of our jeans.

  • Back Pockets

    The stitching on our back pockets is inspired by the gold-mining pickaxes that are a nod to our brand's roots. As the stitching ages, it frays and gains character, creating a pronounced, embossed effect that adds to the jeans' unique flavor.

  • Top Button

    The top button, embossed with our distinguished brand name, is crafted from iron to evolve with wear. As it develops a patina of rust, it adds a uniquely vintage charm, enhancing the luxurious feel of our jeans.

  • Button Fly

    Our front closure pays homage to vintage jeans with a standard iron button fly—a classic touch of heritage.

  • Hidden Rivets

    Copper rivets, a classic feature in old jeans, play an essential role in reinforcing the back pockets.

  • Rivets (Front)

    We've opted for punched iron rivets for their robustness, while the surfaces are copper-plated, ensuring that with age, they'll develop a beautifully subdued patina.

  • Rivets (Back)

    On the reverse side, we maintain the raw iron rivets, which will naturally rust and spread with wear, adding to the jeans' evolving story.

  • Belt Loops

    The belt loops are a crucial element in enhancing the jeans' three-dimensional aspect, crafted with a layered fabric design that creates a pronounced, raised effect at the center.

  • Selvedge

    The selvedge of The Strike Gold jeans is interwoven with gold thread, a tribute to our namesake.

The true allure of jeans lies in their aging. The answer that The Strike Gold has relentlessly pursued is found in the unique journey of our denim.

Original Iron Buttons: Enhanced Presence Through Rust

In the world of jeans, isn't the silvery top button an iconic and essential element? At The Strike Gold, we've chosen to use original iron for both the top and tack buttons instead of the typical brass or nickel. This is because even a simple button can become an integral part of the jeans' aging process, developing a unique presence over many years of wear.

The compelling aging (or aging) that iron material undergoes, where the negative phenomenon of "rusting" creates a rich and appealing character, drew us to create our original iron buttons. The rusting not only adds a unique texture but also an undeniable presence to the material.

Wearing jeans over the years means countless moments of touching the buttons to open and close them. This interaction polishes the iron, giving it a muted shine where fingers have repeatedly made contact, free of rust. Where rust does form, it adds a distinctive depth and character, bringing the material's lively expression to the surface.

The Strike Gold's Commitment to Original Iron Rivets

In an era before the advent of lightweight, durable synthetic fibers, workwear was crafted from a limited selection of materials, ingeniously combined to withstand hard labor. Rivets were a key feature, reinforcing the jeans at stress points.

The rivets used by The Strike Gold (excluding hidden rivets) are original iron punched rivets. Both the concave and convex parts are made of iron, with the concave side copper-plated, and the convex side left uncoated but painted clear. This deliberate distinction between the convex and concave parts is designed to develop different hues over years of wear, echoing the aging process seen in vintage wear.

Our focus is on the aging process of iron rivets with copper plating, common in vintage garments. In the past, iron was inexpensive, and rivets made from it were used for reinforcement, with copper plating applied to prevent rust.

However, the plating technology of that era was far less durable compared to today's standards. It was normal for the plating to wear off over time, exposing the iron beneath to rust.

At The Strike Gold, we've been deeply inspired by the distinctive aging of iron, paying special attention to this element and seeking out its potential. The phenomenon of rusting, typical of the copper-plated iron rivets of the past, adds an exquisite charm as the rust subtly stains the denim and the pocket lining around the rivets, creating a delicate brown tinge.

Moreover, where the copper plating remains intact, the rivets retain a muted luster, proudly sitting in contrast to the aged fabric.

To replicate this effect of rusting, modern plating techniques are too advanced, preventing the plating from wearing away and leaving us with merely copper-plated rivets. Thus, for the concave part that adorns the visual front of the jeans, we apply copper plating to ensure it retains its color over time, allowing for a dulled patina through wear and friction.

For the convex part, we apply only a clear coat, preserving the raw iron's natural look to allow for the desired rusting effect. This way, wearers can appreciate the rust and its spread on the pocket lining visible on the inside of the jeans.

This subtle yet significant detail of the iron rivets is an unsung hero, not to be underestimated in its contribution to the jeans' character.

The Aesthetic Aging of The Strike Gold's Reinforced Belt Loops

Among the distinctive aging characteristics of well-worn jeans, the raised, fabric-wrapped center of the belt loops stands out. This prominent feature, fading beautifully from friction, is the result of sewing techniques developed to meet the demands of durability sought by hard-working individuals.

The process begins with a long strip of fabric, which is then folded around the center, and secured at the sides with stitching. The two lines of stitching not only reinforce the loop but also create a groove between the raised center and the flat sides, reducing thread breakage from friction.

Over time, the most pronounced fading starts from these elevated centers, creating distinctive vertical stripes. To achieve this level of craftsmanship, The Strike Gold employs a specialized tool known as a 'binder' attachment on our sewing machines, specifically made for constructing these belt loops.

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