As you relish the journey of your jeans' evolution, having an envisioned ideal of fades can guide you to the perfect denim fabric. At The Strike Gold, we provide an assortment of denim fabrics, each with distinct fading traits and a different embrace of wear. The spectrum of our denim's fades is as varied as the individuality they come to represent. We have fabrics that maintain their rigidity over time, and others that soften and conform more quickly, each with its own fading story to tell.

Vintage-Like Fine Grid Fades

The small, grid-like pattern of vertical fading that emerges with wear conjures up the classic charm of vintage denim. As these tiny grids come together, they create an expression reminiscent of the good old days of well-loved and well-worn jeans

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Rugged, High-Contrast Fading

Experience the rugged, high-contrast fades that only years of wear can cultivate. This denim is a tribute to the era of hard work, reminiscent of the workwear that rose to the challenge. It's a fabric that doesn't just age; it tells the story of enduring strength and perseverance.

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Vertical Shower-like Unique Fades

With wear, anticipate an original fade that resembles a vertical shower cascading down the denim, promising an unprecedented aging experience through years of molding to your life's rhythm. This distinctive expression allows for an aging process that reveals new facets of character over time, much like an untrodden path that develops with each step

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Good Denim Fabric ≠ Guaranteed Personal Fading Preference

The type of denim fabric serves as a crucial benchmark when delighting in the aging of jeans. The ultimate fading envisioned by The Strike Gold isn't just about having a meticulously crafted denim fabric; it's about beginning with a choice that aligns with your lifestyle and understanding the fabric's characteristics to create the fades that resonate most with you.

The rich texture of perfectly aged denim comes alive through the distinctive fading around the frayed pocket edges, the mid-rise of belt loops, the whiskering on the fly, and the puckering along the outseams and inseams. The twisted hems add to a dimensional presence that only the finest denim fabric can achieve. This is aging transformed into a tactile and visual symphony.

At The Strike Gold, every stitch is a testament to our quest for the perfect aging. We meticulously calibrate our sewing machines, considering needle path, thread thickness, tension, seam width, and positioning, as well as the precise folding width and placement of the fabric. Our obsession extends to the minute aspects of how thread sinks into or puffs up on the fabric, ensuring every detail contributes to an exceptional aging narrative

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No two brands of jeans are ever quite the same, each infused with its own set of principles and passions. Similarly, The Strike Gold's range of jeans is filled with various models, each packed with unique commitments derived from their distinct characteristics. Reflecting upon your lifestyle and understanding the traits of your chosen denim fabric, you embark on the rewarding process of enjoying the fades. This journey ultimately culminates in a pair of jeans that brims with personal attachment and a unique story.

We at The Strike Gold believe this is the true joy of wearing jeans.

Find your favorite pair at The Strike Gold and embrace the essence of denim!

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    The Strike Gold's signature line features an array of eight original denim fabrics. Each offers a distinct look and feel, from the texture and touch to the way it conforms and fades with wear.

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    The Strike Gold jeans come in five unique silhouettes, each meticulously crafted to make a statement at first sight. Designed to fit well and feel comfortable from the start, our jeans are engineered to adapt and mold to your body over time, ensuring a perfect union of material and form.

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