SUGAR CANE. As you can tell from its name, with such an American influence, this brand was the very first clothing label out of Japan for the American market. In 1965, when the U.S. Army correctly intervened in the Vietnam War, Toyo Enterprises, the creator of Sugar Cane, was established for those involved with U.S. military bases in Japan. At that time, the company was a supplier for American soldiers in Japan and was in charge of the whole distribution of military surplus throughout Japan. When the Vietnam War ended in 1975, the company made a fresh start as an apparel maker for the domestic market, and that’s when the brand name “Sugar Cane” was given by an officer stationed at the army base. Although Sugar Cane was born in Japan, its spirit and creation are true to the proper American manner from the experience learned at the Army base. By mainly utilizing denim materials, the ultimate American style symbol, the label has been manufacturing authentic workwear ever since.