SUN SURF is a brand that focuses on what is commonly referred to as "vintage" rayon-made Aloha shirts, primarily from the golden era of the 1930s to the 1950s.


In the 1950s, as Hawaii reached its peak development, the printing of Aloha shirt fabrics was commissioned in the mainland USA or Japan. At that time, the port trading company (the precursor to Toyo Enterprises) was actually producing rayon-made Aloha shirts from the era now known as vintage, supplying them to U.S. military bases under names like "Kimono Gown" and "Happy Coat." They also produced Aloha shirts under the "Fashion Mart" label as their own brand and exported them to Hawaii. Against this backdrop, the Aloha shirt brand SUN SURF was born in the early 1970s, shortly after the establishment of Toyo Enterprises in 1965. Since then, for over 40 years, SUN SURF has been dedicated to crafting Aloha shirts based on vintage inspirations.

What We Love About SUN SURF


Vintage Inspiration

SUN SURF is characterized by its attention to detail, offering both original and reproduction designs. By faithfully reproducing authentic designs and enhancing quality with modern technology, the brand is widely accepted not only by vintage fans but also by those who enjoy contemporary fashion.


High-Quality Materials and Unique Print Designs

The brand is particular about material selection, utilizing high-quality fabrics that offer both comfort and durability, ensuring long-lasting wear. SUN SURF boasts a vast array of unique print designs based on original research, with those featuring tropical plants and traditional Hawaiian motifs being especially popular.


Cultural Background

Each item, including the Aloha shirts, is imbued with the rich cultural background of Hawaiian culture, allowing wearers to feel its history and culture. These pieces offer versatile styling options, from casual beachwear to urban chic, making them standout items, especially in summer resort scenes.