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TT15416-145 / TAILOR TOYO Late 1940s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “KOSHO & CO.” Special Edition “DRAGON & JAPAN MAP” × “ROARING TIGER”

TT15416-145 / TAILOR TOYO Late 1940s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “KOSHO & CO.” Special Edition “DRAGON & JAPAN MAP” × “ROARING TIGER”

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This work is based on a vintage ska-jean from the late 1940s. We acquired it in recent years because we fell in love with its high degree of perfection in terms of color scheme and embroidery, etc. It was displayed at the "Sukajan Exhibition" held at the Yokosuka Museum of Art at the end of last year, and was finally reissued for the first time this season.
The surface is a Japan map pattern with a dynamic composition of a dragon surrounding Japan.
What is noteworthy is the color scheme of the fabric. In ordinary Sukajans, it is common to match the color of the body with the color of the lines on the sleeve mountains, but in this work, the blue lines are applied to the green body.
The combination of the wine color sleeves and the colorful embroidery on the body in three deep shades of color accentuates the power of the pattern.
The reversible side also features a roaring tiger pattern similar to the vintage version.
Looking closely, the tiger's body is striped in two colors, black and wine, on a gold base, and the embroidery is designed to blend in with the wine and gold body fabric.
Furthermore, the red ribs, which have faded with age, have been perfectly reproduced based on vintage materials.
The sense of color scheme and the beauty of the embroidery by skilled craftsmen are impeccable on both sides, making this a perfect piece that bears the name of "KOSHO & CO." the original home of the Skajan.

The “Special Edition” collection is a superior version of Tailor Toyo Sukajan that is an absolute reproduction of vintage souvenir jackets originated in the early days of post WWII. The intricate artworks are depicted in details by the experienced craftsmen with the vintage embroidery machines. The 100% wool rib that is purposely knitted loose by the primitive knitting machine in the same manner the rib of vintage jackets was done. The zipper with two pullers meant for reversible jacket is duplicated by using the 50-year-old vintage fastener machines. The special jacket has a woven label of “Kosho & Co.” which is a predecessor company of Toyo Enterprise, all the details of the day built in. 

Size Body Width Body Length Sleeve Length(from center neck)
小(S) Around 54.0cm Around 58.0cm Around 78.0cm
中(M) Around 56.0cm Around 58.5cm Around 80.0cm
大(L) Around 58.0cm Around 61.5cm Around 84.0cm
特大(XL) Around 62.0cm Around 61.5cm Around 85.5cm
特々大(XXL) Around 65.0cm Around 63.0cm Around 88.0cm
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