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TMJ2232 TOYS McCOY Type Ma-1 Albert Turner Mil-J-8279A

TMJ2232 TOYS McCOY Type Ma-1 Albert Turner Mil-J-8279A

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TMJ2232 TOYS McCOY Type Ma-1 Albert Turner Mil-J-8279A
This MA-1 is a complete reissue of "MIL-J-8279A" bearing the real name label of "ALBERTURNER", a contractor who delivered many nylon flight suits. The outer shell is also reproduced in its original grayish color with the same material as the early MA-1.
Size (cm) shoulder width Width Length
XS (34) -- Around 54cm Around 52cm
S (36) -- Around 56cm Around 53cm
M (38) -- Around 58cm Around 54cm
L (40) -- Around 60cm Around 55cm
XL (42) -- Around 62cm Around 56cm
XXL (44) -- Around 64cm Around 57cm
Depending on the characteristics of the material and the method of finishing, there are some individual differences in the dimensions of each place.
Also, depending on the settings and environments of your terminal, the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color.
Please note.
* Depending on each product, the actual color may be slightly different depending on the size or the display used.
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