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TMJ2104 TOYS McCOY U.S.Navy Specification M-421A "Flying Tigers"

TMJ2104 TOYS McCOY U.S.Navy Specification M-421A "Flying Tigers"

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TMJ2104 TOYS McCOY U.S.Navy Specification M-421A "Flying Tigers"
A volunteer army formed by the U.S. government at the secret request of Chiang Kai-shek to recruit aviators from the land and naval forces to aid in the war effort.
The M-421A was customized with the motif of naval aviators who belonged to the A.V.G. (American Volunteer Group).
The "Flying Tigers," as they were known, were named after the Chinese legend "如虎添翼", and were considered to be invincible, as if a tiger had been given wings.
Since applications were accepted from both the army and the navy, both armies' flying suits were co-located.
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