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SE29171 / STYLE EYES Mid 1950s Style Corduroy Sports Shirt “DIAMOND”

SE29171 / STYLE EYES Mid 1950s Style Corduroy Sports Shirt “DIAMOND”

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This piece from the early 1950s features a series of diamonds on top of stripes. Diamond and argyle patterns were popular in the same period, but a design with diamonds embedded in the pattern, as in this piece, is extremely rare. In addition to the brown color that existed in vintage shirts, black and navy, which have a strong contrasting color scheme typical of 50's shirts, are also available.

Size Shoulder Width Body Width Body Length Sleeve Length
S Around 45.5cm Around 52.0cm Around 65.0cm Around 59.0cm
M Around 47.0cm Around 54.0cm Around 66.5cm Around 60.0cm
L Around 50.5cm Around 58.5cm Around 69.5cm Around 61.5cm
XL Around 54.0cm Around 62.0cm Around 72.0cm Around 64.0cm
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