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SC15223 / SUGAR CANE Native American Wool Blanket Jacket

SC15223 / SUGAR CANE Native American Wool Blanket Jacket

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SC15223 / SUGAR CANE Native American Wool Blanket Jacket
The blanket fabric, using wool yarn for the warp and thick cotton yarn for the weft, is woven slowly and over time on a Jacquard loom. This jacket was made based on a 1940s work coat. It takes a lot of time and effort to cut the fabric so that the pattern appears in a specific spot. In addition, when sewing, advanced techniques such as pattern matching are required, making it an excellent product characterized by its meticulous craftsmanship.
size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
36 (S) around 42.0cm around 56.0cm around 70.0cm around 61.0cm
38 (m) around 44.0cm around 58.0cm around 72.5cm around 63.0cm
40 (L) around 46.5cm around 62.0cm around 76.0cm around 65.0cm
42 (XL) around 49.0cm around 64.0cm around 77.0cm around 65.5cm
Due to the characteristics of the material and the method of finishing, there may be slight individual differences in the dimensions of various parts of the product.
Also, depending on the setting or environment of your terminal, the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color.
Please understand this in advance.
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