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HD15234 / Headlight 10oz. Blue Denim WW II Work Coat

HD15234 / Headlight 10oz. Blue Denim WW II Work Coat

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HD15234 / Headlight 10oz. Blue Denim WW II Work Coat
The model produced during the World War II period, when restrictions were placed on the number of buttons and the fabric used to cover the pockets. The number of front buttons was reduced from 5 to 4 pcs, and of the cuff buttons from 3 to only 1 respectively. The reinforcement cloth of inside-pocket was removed.

Complete Series of the Reproduction "HEADLIGHT"
A brand of the LARNED, CARTER & CO. that started in the early 1900s and existed until the 1960s. It was rare at the time for a single company to have an integrated production process from weaving to sewing, which shows its commitment to its products. As their labels and flashers indicate, it was favored by and supplied to railroaders and engineers. Even today, the brand is still very popular among discerning vintage collectors in the world.
size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
36 (S) Around 42.0cm Around 53.0cm Around 69.0cm Around 61.0cm
38 (m) Around 45.0cm  Around 56.0cm Around 73.0cm Around 62.0cm
40 (L) Around 47.0cm  Around 59.0cm Around 75.5cm Around 64.5cm
42 (XL) Around 47.5cm  Around 61.0cm Around 76.0cm Around 65.0cm
Due to the characteristics of the material and the method of finishing, there may be slight individual differences in the dimensions of various parts of the product.
Also, depending on the setting or environment of your terminal, the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color.
Please understand this in advance.
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