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BR15408 / BUZZ RICKSON'S Type M-65 “1st OPERATION SQ.”

BR15408 / BUZZ RICKSON'S Type M-65 “1st OPERATION SQ.”

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The 1st Special Operations Squadron was established in June 1963 under Pacific Servitude. The next month, the squadron was deployed to Bien Hoa Air Force Base in South Vietnam. After flying in and out of Vietnam, the squadron moved to Nakhon Phanam Royal Thai Navy Base in Thailand in 1968 where it flew Douglas A-1 Skyraider aircraft in combat search-and-rescue missions for downed pilots. Combat search and rescue is very dangerous mission in which the aircraft is exposed to enemy threats until a rescue helicopter arrives, The call sign "Sandy" became synonymous with the A-1. The A-1 which dared to jump into the line of fire to rescue the victims at its own peril was an extremely reassuring presence for pilots during the Vietnam War. The patch customization is in line with regulations for the Air Force of this era, but the patches are all theater-made, made locally. Compared to the regular patches, these patches were handmade by patch stores around the base, so the embroidery is unique and distinctive. The 1st SOS patch shines on the left chest and the patch on the left sleeve expresses the tremendous offensive power of the A-1H Skyraider. The original of this jacket is a special M-65 which was embroidered in Vietnam to commemorate his participation in the war before returning to his home country of the United States.

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L Around 49.0cm Around 59.0cm Around 82.0cm Around 66.0cm
XL Around 51.0cm Around 62.0cm Around 82.0cm Around 68.0cm
XXL Around 54.0cm Around 67.0cm Around 85.0cm Around 72.0cm
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