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The Buzz Lixons commemorative ring, established in 1993, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023. The origin of the commemorative ring has its roots in college rings, which originated in 1835 when the graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point made matching rings as a token of their comradeship. The tradition became very popular at Ivy League universities in the Eastern United States that had contact with the U.S. Military Academy, and is now a custom at universities across the United States. Champion rings are also made to commemorate winning teams not only in U.S. professional sports, but also in Japanese professional baseball, J-League soccer, basketball, and American football.

Buzz Rickson's 30th anniversary ring was commissioned to a manufacturer with proven skills in the production of championship rings for Japanese professional sports and college rings for famous universities. The base metal is 925 sterling silver, and the center stone is a sapphire reminiscent of the brand's colors. After casting the silver in a classic mold, skilled craftsmen hand-carve, polish, and black-finish each piece.

Size Inside diameter Inside circumference
17 around 18.3mm . around 57.6mm
19 around 19.0mm . around 59.7mm
21 around 19.7mm . around 61.8mm
23 around 20.3mm around 63.9mm
25 around 21.0mm around 66.0mm
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It was founded in 2002, and the founder of Klaxon; who has been a fan of American casual wear since he was a child, has been carefully selecting products that he can confidently recommend to customers, based on his knowledge and experience of American casual wear.

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