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BR02716 / BUZZ RICKSON'S Quilted Helmet Bag

BR02716 / BUZZ RICKSON'S Quilted Helmet Bag

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BR02716 / BUZZ RICKSON'S Quilted Helmet Bag
As World War II was coming to an end in 1945, the era of jet aircraft began in earnest, with the introduction of the P-80 Shooting Star, F-84 Thunderjet, and F-85 Sabre, the U.S. military shifted from soft-shell helmets to hard-shell helmets.
Hard-shell helmets were issued with special helmet bags filled with padding to protect the body, visor, and precision oxygen mask from external impact, starting in the mid-1950s.
The helmet bag was improved over time, and in the late 1960s, the lining and padding were integrated into a quilted bag.
This helmet bag is a Buzz Lixons original, and the elaborate quilted side is used on the surface.
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