SUGARCANE, a name that resonates with a distinctly American vibe, stands as Japan's pioneering post-war clothing manufacturer aimed at the U.S. market


TOYO ENTERPRISE COMPANY LTD., the creative force behind SUGARCANE, was founded in 1965, amid the intensification of the U.S. military's involvement in the Vietnam War, with a focus on serving the U.S. military bases in Japan. Initially, the company not only manufactured clothing for the U.S. military but also acted as a conduit for distributing U.S. military surplus within Japan. Following the conclusion of the Vietnam War in 1975, it shifted entirely to become a domestic apparel manufacturer. It was during this transition that an officer stationed at a U.S. military base christened it “SUGARCANE”.

What We Love About SUGAR CANE


Vintage Inspiration

SUGARCANE's designs are particularly inspired by American casual wear from the 1940s to the 1960s. This inspiration has led to the creation of products that blend classical charm with a modern style, producing items that carry a timeless appeal.


High-Quality Materials and Delicate Details

SUGARCANE prides itself on the use of select high-quality materials, notably selvedge denim, which offers durability and a beautiful aging process. The brand pays meticulous attention to details, incorporating original buttons, rivets, and sewing techniques that enhance the vintage aesthetic. By adhering to traditional methods while integrating modern techniques, SUGARCANE delivers products that excel in both quality and functionality.


Unique Reproduction Jeans

SUGARCANE breathes new life into vintage jeans with faithful reproductions, resurrecting iconic designs for today's audience. This approach has garnered attention from not only vintage lovers but also fashion enthusiasts, making SUGARCANE's reproductions a coveted item among a broad spectrum of consumers.