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TDP005 / TENRYO DENIM Color Revolution Tight Strait Jeans

TDP005 / TENRYO DENIM Color Revolution Tight Strait Jeans

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TDP005 / TENRYO DENIM Color Revolution Tight Strait Jeans

TENRYO DENIM has been developing a variety of items that are old style yet conscious of the modern fashion scene, with a thorough attention to materials, sewing methods, and details in their production.

The Color Revolution series is a completely new concept of jeans produced by following the process one by one from the yarn stage in order to let more people enjoy the classic texture and the charm of color fading and aging that is unique to denim products.

The catchphrase "5 colors but blue jeans" is intended to express both the aging appeal of jeans that develops as they are worn and the fun of color coordination in the fashion scene.

First of all, "enjoy the color", and then, by wearing them for a long time, you can enjoy "real color fading and aging".

These jeans are a new proposal for denim masters who have enjoyed many jeans and denim wears, denim beginners who want to enjoy the textured aging of authentic jeans, and fashion freaks who enjoy colors according to TPO.
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