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SGA0901 / The Strike Gold Italian Bends Leather Belt Plain

SGA0901 / The Strike Gold Italian Bends Leather Belt Plain

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SGA0901 / The Strike Gold Italian Bends Leather Belt Plain
The Strike Gold Introducing the original bens leather belt.
We have produced a very heavy specification of about 5.5 to 6mm thick, about 5.5-6mm thick, with low oil stains. You can experience the unique familiarity with the flexibility and weight. The finish of the koba is carefully finished with a technique that is rarely used, which is rarely used at present, which cuts the cross section diagonally with a canna and is polished.
* Depending on each product, the actual color may be slightly different depending on the size or the display used.
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Klaxon is a Japanese select shop based in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Kojima is a world-renowned producer of denim fabric and high-quality jeans.

Klaxon offers a wide selection of high-quality products, including its own three brands:

  • The Strike Gold: A brand that pursues the true appeal of denim, from the materials used to the construction.

  • TENRYO DENIM: A brand that combines traditional Kojima techniques with a modern sensibility that pursues "True New Classics"

  • MUSASHI JEANS: A brand that offers high quality and value for money.

It was founded in 2002, and the founder of Klaxon; who has been a fan of American casual wear since he was a child, has been carefully selecting products that he can confidently recommend to customers, based on his knowledge and experience of American casual wear.

Klaxon's products are perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish and fashionable.
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