Size Measurements - Pants

1. Waist (Inner Diameter Dimensions)
TSG Waist measurement
Fasten the waist button and measure the inside of the waistband.
Note that we are not including any overlap from the front fly in this measurement.
2. Waist (Straight-line Dimensions)
TSG Straigh Line measuremente

Fasten the waist button, lay the garment flat, and ensure there's no slack in the waistband.
Measure the upper part in a straight line.
3. Front Rise
TSG Front Rise Measurement
On the front side, measure from the seam at the middle of the crotch, along the front fly, up to the top edge of the waistband.
4. Thigh
TSG Thigh Measurement
From the center of the crotch, measure along the seam to about 7cm down,
then measure perpendicularly from the outer line.
5. Hem Width
TSG Leg Measurement
Measure the opening of the leg in a straight line.