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TT15492-128 / TAILOR TOYO Mid 1950s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “DRAGON” × “DRAGON & TIGER” (AGING MODEL)

TT15492-128 / TAILOR TOYO Mid 1950s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “DRAGON” × “DRAGON & TIGER” (AGING MODEL)

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The Year of the Dragon Collection is a reprinting of selected dragon embroideries from a number of vintage skajans in association with the dragon, the Chinese zodiac sign for the year 2024.

Product Details

This work from the mid-1950s depicts a rising dragon soaring into the sky on its surface. Dragons are often depicted mainly with their heads, but this work depicts the entire body, including the hind legs and tail, from a side angle, which is extremely rare in such compositions. The vivid emerald green dragon on the faded navy acetate fabric is elaborately embroidered down to the scales, and cherry blossoms dancing in the spring breeze and colorful clouds are depicted together with the ascending dragon, creating an auspicious pattern.
In contrast, the motif of the reversible side is a dragon-tiger duel. The dragon is clamping down on the tiger with its long physique, and its face peeking out from behind Mt. Fuji. Furthermore, the red lightning bolt drawn between the two staring at each other shows the appearance of a fierce battle. The color scheme of the ribs on both sides of the jacket is reversed from that of the body, which is one of the specifications seen in the vintage version. This is one of the specifications seen in vintage Sukajan, and the originality and ingenuity of the time that made the most of the unique feature of the reversible Sukajan has been reproduced.

A deep fabric feeling that the color molecules come off from the acetate, and the gloss is moderately suppressed. The texture of the ribs with an increased texture. The fading of the rayon thread used for embroidery. The Taylor's aging model is a reproduction of these Sukajan's attractiveness of aging and enjoys the vintage texture from the time of purchase.

Size Chart

Size(CM)/ Body Width / Body Length / Sleeve Length(from center neck)

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XL / 62cm / 63cm / 86cm
XXL(2XL) / 64cm / 66cm / 88cm

Size(Inch)/Body Width / Body Length / Sleeve Length(from center neck)

S / 21.1inch / 23.2inch / 30.5inch
M / 22.0inch / 23.4inch / 31.9inch
L / 23.2inch / 24.8inch / 33.5inch
XL / 24.4inch / 24.8inch / 33.9inch
XXL(2XL) / 25.2inch / 26.0inch / 34.6inch


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