TAILOR TOYO, originating from the pre-war company 'Port Merchant,' has been crafting souvenir jackets for over half a century since the era when American soldiers were stationed in Japan. This brand has continuously preserved the Sukajan (souvenir jacket) as a cultural artifact rather than a fleeting trend, embodying the original essence of the Sukajan.


In the chaos following the war, the Ginza area was crowded with stalls catering to American military officers, brimming with soldiers eager for traditional Japanese items like kimonos and obis as souvenirs. Witnessing this demand, an employee from Port Merchant conceived the idea of a jumper with oriental embroidery as a souvenir, marking the birth of what is now known as 'Sukajan'—a garment originating from Japan.

What We Love About TAILOR TOYO


High-Quality Craftsmanship

TAILOR TOYO's products are meticulously crafted by skilled Japanese artisans, with the embroidered Sukajan showcasing the exquisite detail of their craftsmanship.


Reproduction of Vintage Designs

TAILOR TOYO revives vintage American casual wear designs from the 1950s and 1960s, bringing the style of the good old days into modern fashion.


Fusion of Japanese and American Cultures

The brand features designs that blend American vintage with traditional Japanese culture. As seen in Sukajan, motifs from the American military are combined with traditional Japanese patterns, creating a unique charm unmatched by any other fusion of Japanese tradition and American vintage.