TENRYO DENIM Color Revolution
5 colors, but Blue Jeans
Everywhere you look at the same jeans and lament
13.5oz Color Revolution Serbic Denim
Details that are convinced of freaks
← Discerning button fly specifications
Top buttons that are irresistible for vintage lovers →
← The back pocket is equipped with a hidden rivet
Belt loop has a middle and high school specification where you can enjoy aging →
← "heaven" mark embroidery that symbolizes the brand
The more you wear it, the more it tastes cowhide backpatch →
← Serbic denim by a mature craftsman using an old shuttle loom
Silhouette-Sneakers and leather shoes
Indigo x Red
From a unique expression with a red -like impact like purple,
Each time you wear it, the presence increases.
Dantotsu's most popular! !
Indigo x blue
You can enjoy vivid aging from beautiful and elegant shades.
Indigo x Yellow
Popular because of the good balance with the color of the stitch.
It features a tasty discoloration.
Indigo x Green
From a bright and beautiful lake -like dark blue green
A full -fledged aging that betrays imagination in a good way.
Indigo x black
Beautiful color like dark blue blue gins like black jeans.
You can enjoy a strong contrast by wearing it.
Size specifications
Product precautions