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TT15390-219 / TAILOR TOYO Early 1950s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “WHITE DRAGON” × “LANDSCAPE”

TT15390-219 / TAILOR TOYO Early 1950s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “WHITE DRAGON” × “LANDSCAPE”

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The world's first "Souvenir Jacket Exhibition" was held at the Yokosuka Museum of Art in 2022.
In response to the many reprint requests received on the occasion of the exhibition, the patterns were carefully selected from the vintage Souvenir Jacket collection of Taylor Toyo, which was on display at the exhibition, and two A-sides (the main side) were incorporated into one luxurious "double A-side" piece.
On the surface is depicted a white dragon looming up with its long body hidden from view through the clouds.
The black x black body is combined with black monochrome ribs and embroidered with colored threads based on white, in accordance with the vintage made in the early 1950s.
The rope piping on the sleeves is blue and white, again with the same specifications as the real thing, reproducing the charm of the vintage in every detail.
The reversible side features a landscape pattern unique to the Sukajan, which was created as a souvenir for U.S. soldiers in postwar Japan.
Beautiful Japanese landscapes in spring, such as snow-capped Mt. Fuji, pine trees and cherry blossoms in full bloom, and oriental pagodas, are expressed with vividly colored embroidery threads on green acetate.

The most standard type of Souvenir jacket, reversible type with acetate fabric on both sides.
In the postwar period, acetate fabric was used for Sukajan, which was not silk, but an item that was not subject to material control.
Since there is no padding, it can be worn in any season, and its unique drape is also an attractive feature.

Size Body Width Body Length Sleeve Length(from center neck)
S Around 53.5cm Around 59.0cm Around 80.0cm
M Around 55.5cm Around 60.0cm Around 82.0cm
L around 57.5cm around 62.0cm around 85.0cm
XL around 59.0cm around 62.0cm around 87.5cm
XXL Around 65.5cm Around 64.0cm Around 90.0cm
XXXL Around 67.0cm Around 66.5cm Around 92.0cm
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