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BR15129 / BUZZ RICKSON'S Type B-15a Reed "6147th Tac. Ctrl. Gp.

BR15129 / BUZZ RICKSON'S Type B-15a Reed "6147th Tac. Ctrl. Gp.

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BR15129 / BUZZ RICKSON'S Type B-15a Reed "6147th Tac. Ctrl. Gp.
The mission of the "MOSQUITO" unit was to locate enemy ground facilities and enemy troop movements, drop smoke bombs to ensure that they could attack any targets they found, and radio the ground units to the fighter-bombers circling overhead.
The name "MOSQUITO" came from the fact that they were literally like "mosquitoes" in that they were unpredictable and could appear at any moment from anywhere, and they were loathed and feared by the North Korean military.
In February 1954, during her honeymoon in Japan, Marilyn Monroe visited K-47 (Chuncheon) in South Korea to comfort soldiers and put on a show titled "ANYTHING GOES," which is a famous story that is still told today.
The U.S. military prepared a special flight jacket for her, a B-15C, and even decorated it with the Mosquito patch of the stationed troops to welcome the great actress.
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38 (m) Around 47.0cm  Around 60.0cm Around 61.5cm Around 63.0cm
40 (L) Around 49.0cm Around 63.0cm Around 63.0cm Around 65.0cm
42 (XL) Around 51.0cm Around 65.0cm Around 65.0cm Around 67.0cm
44 (XXL) Around 53.0cm Around 67.0cm Around 68.0cm Around 68.0cm
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