BUZZ RICKSON'S is a brand born in 1993, dedicated to exploring the history and pride of flight jackets


In the 1990s, Japan experienced an unprecedented vintage boom, and just before this, in the late '80s, Toyo Enterprises released flight jackets under the SUGAR CANE brand. They were captivated by the combination of different materials like cotton, leather, wool ribs, and metal parts such as zippers, with their first project being the "TYPE B-15," a woven flight jacket. At that time, there were no authentic "reproductions" in the flight jacket market, and vintage jackets like "TYPE A-2" and "TYPE MA-1" were being traded at high prices. The flight jackets by SUGAR CANE, launched with the desire to fully recreate the charm of flight jackets for many to enjoy, quickly sold out, significantly influencing the launch of BUZZ RICKSON'S, a full-fledged military brand, in 1993.

What We Love About BUZZ RICKSON'S


Accurate Recreation

BUZZ RICKSON'S is extremely faithful to the details of the original military wear, from the materials used, sewing techniques, color shades, down to the tags, thoroughly researching and replicating the original specifications.


High Quality

BUZZ RICKSON'S is also highly committed to quality, known for its durability and fine craftsmanship in every detail. This has earned high praise from military wear collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Respect for Historical Value

BUZZ RICKSON'S products are not just replicas; they are designed as items that let wearers feel the era and historical value behind them. This means you can enjoy military fashion not just as a trend, but within the context of understanding and respecting the history and culture it represents.