TOYS McCOY is a brand founded by Hiroshi Okamoto, known for his passion for Steve McQueen. The brand specializes in high-quality replica flight jackets and offers a range of wear items based on military and motorcycle themes.


There was a longing to wear our favorite vintage pieces from brand new to completely worn out, and to wear the same clothes as the heroes we saw in movies when we first became aware. The only option was to create the same things from scratch ourselves. The journey was tough, seeking out old craftsmen's techniques that were rapidly disappearing, natural materials that age just like vintage, and old sewing machines that provide unique stitching details defining the expression of the fabric, and realizing how difficult it was to continue using them... However, this obsession with the details, deviating from the norms of fashion, gradually garnered supporters. Perhaps the products of TOYS McCOY, filled with the desire to create something genuine, are better described as works of art than mere products.

What We Love About TOYS McCOY


High Quality and Attention to Detail

TOYS McCOY products adhere to high-quality standards, from material selection to the manufacturing process. The faithful reproduction of vintage items involves using original methods and materials as much as possible, focusing on the details. The reproduction of vintage military wear is particularly compelling, bringing historic U.S. military uniforms and gear into modern fashion.


Homage to Pop Culture

The brand offers a wide range of items inspired by various pop culture elements, such as movies, music, and art, with products related to Steve McQueen enjoying a fervent fanbase.


Uniqueness and Durability

TOYS McCOY products feature unique designs and stories not found elsewhere. Each item reflects the history and culture behind it, offering value beyond mere fashion items. Thanks to high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques, these products boast durability that allows for years of use, with the aging process adding to the appeal of TOYS McCOY product.