"Brand-new Classic". TENRYO DENIM offers denim items that fuse traditional Japanese techniques with the latest denim manufacturing technologies


Kurashiki, located along the calm Seto Inland Sea, was a crucial maritime transport hub and thrived as a "Tenryo," directly controlled by the Edo shogunate. Rooted in rich nature and a historic textile industry, this region has long been known as a producer of high-quality cotton and dyes, where many textile artisans have honed their skills. This is the origin of what later became known as "Okayama Denim."

Furthermore, the concept of "Fueki-ryuko" (permanence and change) exists in the haikai poetry, which embodies the essence of Haikai as being about change in pursuit of novelty, stating that "the eternal and the fashionable should be fundamentally united." TENRYO DENIM, born in Kurashiki, melds local techniques and traditions with new ideas, and as a brand that explores the "brand-new classic" themed around the sea, it is perfectly suited for the current era.

What We Love About TENRYO DENIM


Fusion of Traditional Techniques and Innovation

By integrating traditional dyeing techniques with the latest technologies, TENRYO DENIM produces denim with a depth of color and a unique texture unlike any other.


Embracing Tradition, Wearing the Times

Our approach to combining the best of time-honored traditions and innovation results in truly unique items that stand apart from the rest.


"Color Revolution"

TENRYO DENIM is a brand that seeks the "brand-new classic" most suitable for the times, themed around the sea. Among these, the "Color Revolution Series" is synonymous with the brand. Born alongside the creative and impactful tagline "5 colors yet all blue jeans," this series offers a fresh take on typical denim. The original denim is carefully woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms using a dark-dyed warp and vividly colored five-hue weft, each color inspired by various shades of the sea:

  • "The red sunset sinking into the sea (RED),"
  • "The emerald green seas of the tropics (GREEN),"
  • "The golden sunrise over the sea (YELLOW),"
  • "The vast ocean blue (BLUE),"
  • "The pitch-black deep sea (BLACK)."

Each color represents the sentimental and enchanting faces reflected by the sea.