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TT15392-119 / TAILOR TOYO Mid 1950s Style Velveteen Souvenir Jacket “WHITE TIGER” × “EAGLE”

TT15392-119 / TAILOR TOYO Mid 1950s Style Velveteen Souvenir Jacket “WHITE TIGER” × “EAGLE”

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A white tiger from the mid-1950s, depicted from an oblique upper angle, which is rare among tiger designs.
While making full use of needle feet, the embroidery outlines are emphasized by showing the ground color of the fabric in part of the striped pattern, making it more three-dimensional.
The large "JAPAN" written in large letters is a powerful design.
The reversible side features an eagle flying among cherry blossoms.
The embroidery of the eagle and dragon on the chest is also delicately and precisely rendered, showing the attention to detail of the craftsmen of the time.

Many early Souvenir jackets were made of reversible acetate fabric, but a variation from that time exists in the form of a model made of a fluffy, bettin fabric.The acetate on the reversible side was quilted to hold down the cotton.

Size Body Width Body Length Sleeve Length(from center neck)
S Around 52.5cm Around 58.5cm Around 78.0cm
M Around 55.0cm Around 59.0cm Around 80.5cm
L Around 58.5cm Around 61.0cm Around 82.5cm
XL Around 61.0cm Around 62.0cm Around 86.0cm
XXL Around 64.0cm Around 65.0cm Around 88.0cm
XXXL Around 66.5cm Around 66.5cm Around 90.5cm
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