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TT15393-119 / TAILOR TOYO Early 1950s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “EAGLE” × “DRAGON” (AGING MODEL)

TT15393-119 / TAILOR TOYO Early 1950s Style Acetate Souvenir Jacket “EAGLE” × “DRAGON” (AGING MODEL)

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This work from the early 1950s features an eagle in the center, with waves spreading across its back.The expression of the Japanese wave, which captures the moment when the wave crest collapses and splashes, was interesting to U.S. soldiers and was incorporated into the Sukajan.The faded black acetate fabric shows off the tricolor ribbing.
The reversible side features a large embroidered dragon that covers the entire back.
Fuji at the bottom, adding depth and expressing a sense of grand scale.

A deep fabric feeling that the color molecules come off from the acetate, and the gloss is moderately suppressed. The texture of the ribs with an increased texture. The fading of the rayon thread used for embroidery. The Taylor's aging model is a reproduction of these Sukajan's attractiveness of aging and enjoys the vintage texture from the time of purchase.

Size Body Width Body Length Sleeve Length(from center neck)
S Around 54.0cm Around 59.0cm Around 78.0cm
M Around 56.0cm Around 61.0cm Around 80.0cm
L Around 58.0cm Around 62.0cm Around 82.0cm
XL Around 61.0cm Around 63.0cm Around 84.0cm
XXL Around 65.0cm Around 65.5cm Around 87.5cm
XXXL Around 66.0cm Around 66.0cm Around 90.0cm
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