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BR15141. BUZZ RICKSON'S Type MA-1 E-Type "389th TAC.FTR.SQ."

BR15141. BUZZ RICKSON'S Type MA-1 E-Type "389th TAC.FTR.SQ."

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BR15141. BUZZ RICKSON'S Type MA-1 E-Type "389th TAC.FTR.SQ."
366TFW received its most advanced tactical fighter, the F-4C Phantom ll, at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, in 1965.
Later that year, the first squadron was sent to South Vietnam shortly after the war began.
The following year, 389 TFS under his command were sent to Da Nang AB, South Vietnam with their respective support units.
Their mission was to protect the F-105 Thunder Chiefs from MiGs and SAMs that dared to bomb the North.
However, since the F-4C/D was a naval aircraft, it was not equipped with the required fixed armament, so they installed and trained their own Gatling guns.
In honor of this achievement, 366TFW is called "THE GUNFIGHTERS.
The patch on the right sleeve depicts the F-4 Phantom's mascot, "Spook," comically wielding a Gatling gun and firing wildly.
The "100 MISSIONS" patch on the left sleeve is a sign that a pilot has completed 100 difficult bombings of the North, and matching the nameplate with the Squordron colors was a trend among Air Force veterans stationed in Vietnam.
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