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TT15417-119 / TAILOR TOYO Mid 1950s Style Acetate Quilted Souvenir Jacket “KOSHO & CO.” Special Edition “EAGLE & JAPAN MAP” × “DRAGON & TIGER”

TT15417-119 / TAILOR TOYO Mid 1950s Style Acetate Quilted Souvenir Jacket “KOSHO & CO.” Special Edition “EAGLE & JAPAN MAP” × “DRAGON & TIGER”

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This Japan map pattern depicts an eagle flapping its wings over Japan with Mount Fuji in the background.
The 38th parallel is drawn on both sides of the Korean peninsula, indicating that this was made in the mid-1950s.
The eagle on the back is embroidered almost twice as large as in the regular map pattern because the word "Japan" is missing, and even the gradation of the beak, claws, and wings are precisely depicted.
The quilting stitches are also noteworthy, and the stitches are stopped in front of the eagle in order to bring out the pattern.
This kind of specification is rare even in the vintage world, and it takes a lot of time and effort to reproduce it, but we have reproduced the meticulous workmanship of the time in every detail.
The reversible side has a motif of a confrontation between a dragon and a tiger.
In vintage souvenir jackets, there are several patterns depicting the dueling dragons and tigers, but this kind of composition depicting only the tiger's face, commonly called "Tiger Head," is very rare.
The dragons on both sides of the chest, which emerge from the clouds, are also larger than those usually embroidered on the chest, creating a powerful finish.
The two sides of this work cover the three major motifs of the eagle, tiger, dragon, and even the Japan map.
This is a masterpiece that deserves to be reprinted in the "KOSHO & CO. Special Edition" with its full of charm that only a vintage souvenir jackets can have, both in terms of the design and the production.

The “Special Edition” collection is a superior version of Tailor Toyo Sukajan that is an absolute reproduction of vintage souvenir jackets originated in the early days of post WWII. The intricate artworks are depicted in details by the experienced craftsmen with the vintage embroidery machines. The 100% wool rib that is purposely knitted loose by the primitive knitting machine in the same manner the rib of vintage jackets was done. The zipper with two pullers meant for reversible jacket is duplicated by using the 50-year-old vintage fastener machines. The special jacket has a woven label of “Kosho & Co.” which is a predecessor company of Toyo Enterprise, all the details of the day built in. 

Size Body Width Body Length Sleeve Length(from center neck)
小(S) Around 52.5cm Around 60.0cm Around 82.5cm
中(M) Around 55.0cm Around 60.0cm Around 86.0cm
大(L) Around 58.0cm Around 63.5cm Around 88.0cm
特大(XL) Around 61.0cm Around 64.0cm Around 92.0cm
特々大(XXL) Around 64.5cm Around 64.0cm Around 93.0cm
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